November 2010


Things have been going well since my last post. I’ve noticed slow, but steady improvement in my vision. Things have stabilized with my eye pressure. At my eye appointment a few weeks ago they were able to correct my vision to 20/40… a blurry 20/40, but definitely better than the 20/300 I was getting before. I was scheduled to visit my optometrist this week to get fitted for new eyeglasses, but had a minor setback last weekend. I woke up last Sunday with pain, redness and severe light sensitivity, which are all symptoms of rejection. I got in touch with my doctor that day. I bumped up my dropped and was planning to see him on Monday. When I woke up, all of the pain and light sensitivity was gone, but I still had some redness. He asked me to continue taking 4 drops a day for 2 weeks and mentioned that I should delay the eye appointment. I was back to normal by Tuesday. I’m still not sure that caused the incident; it might have been sleeping on my eye wrong, not getting enough sleep, or something else.

I also had a milestone this week – I was able to confirm that I have some depth perception. This past weekend my wife and I took the kids to see a short Halloween-themed 3-D movie. While I didn’t get the full experience, I was able to see many of the 3-D elements. Prior to my surgery, I was unable to perceive any of the 3-D effects when I watched a 3-D movie at the Detroit auto show. I’ll probably try this again after I get my glasses. So far so good though. Maybe one day I’ll be able to see what this 3-D craze is all about.