Day 6

Things have been going well over the past couple of days. I am still dealing with the swollen upper eyelid, but the redness in the eye is going away and the light sensitivity is less severe. I can tell that the swelling is going down, just not as fast as I’d hoped. It feels like my eye is being pinched in the outside corner, and it’s difficult to open my eye all the way. I spend about half the day wearing an eye shield and the other half of the day wearing my glasses or sunglasses. My vision is blurry, but it is better than it was before the surgery. I take a picture every morning… I’ll post them soon.

I’ve been trying to work computer use back into my schedule, since I will be returning to work in a week. I found that I need to pace myself, since my eyes get tired after a couple hours of on-and-off use.  I also ventured outside today to test my reaction to natural sunlight. If you’ve seen a movie that has a nuclear blast scene… where the sky turns a blinding white… it felt kind of like that. I understand why I’m not supposed to drive! My life as a hermit, with the shades drawn and the lights dimmed, will continue.

My one-week appointment is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

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I am a cancer survivor and 2018 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Man of the Year Candidate. I reside in Southfield, Michigan with my wife and two kids.

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